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Apps Can Make Dating Less Expensive, but Cheapen the Experience

People dish about how dating and hook-up apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, have affected their spending habits.
Anne Gaviola

What Ontario’s ‘Crazy Marxist’ Student Associations Actually Cover

Doug Ford has targeted student services for cuts, calling student unions “Marxist.” But what exactly will students be missing if the premier gets his way?
Chris D'Alessandro

What the $260M Quadriga Fiasco Can Teach You About Managing Your Digital Life

The cryptocurrency exchange collapse is as a reminder to plan for what happens to your digital life, and your social media accounts when you die.
Anne Gaviola
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Inside a Weed-Infused Drink Factory

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Tarik Abdullah dives into Washington state's edible cannabis scene. Munchies Guide available on Crave and airs Fridays at 11P ET/PT on Gusto.
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This Small Vancouver Weed Company Won the Coveted 'POT' Stock Ticker

Weekend Unlimited ditched YOLO for POT and its shares have gone gangbusters.
Anne Gaviola
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How to Handle a Japanese Sword

Jason Nip is an expert in ancient Japanese swordsmanship, including the art of target test cutting. We met him at the dojo to test his sword and learn about owning and maintaining a katana.
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How Six Friends Pooled Their Money to Buy a $1.3 Million House in Toronto

What might be the first arrangement of its kind allowed a half-dozen young people shut out of the prohibitively expensive market to actually own a place—and they seem to be making it work.
Anne Gaviola

I Was a Forever Intern and Here’s What I Learned

Internship culture is out of control. I've done 11 of them—and learned some things along the way that could have saved me the occasional breakdown.
Aziza Kasumov
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What It Takes to Own a House with 6 People

A group of six friends recently bought a million-dollar house together in Toronto. But that was only the first step. We find out how they make it work and what happens when someone wants out.
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The Cheapskate's Guide to Maxing Out Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are quietly lowering signup bonuses and eliminating perks. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes so you can keep the freebies coming without spending a fortune.
Jenny Hart
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Never Get Charged for a “Free” Trial Again

It’s easy to forget to cancel a free trial and wind up paying for a subscription service you don't really want. Here are five ways to make sure that never, ever happens to you again.
Molly Kay

Nearly Half of Canadians Are $200 Away From Being Broke

Higher cost of living leaves barely any financial wiggle room, experts say higher interest rates spell trouble.
Anne Gaviola