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Paying Off Your Student Loans Early Shouldn't Be a Priority

Slay that low-interest debt last or you might regret it.
Anne Gaviola

Doug Ford’s Budget Is Big on Cuts and Making It Easier to Buy Booze

The Ontario premier made cuts to education, children’s programs, and Indigenous services, but hey, you can start drinking at 9 AM now.
Anne Gaviola

The Instagrammers Making Money off Western’s Drunk Ass Party Culture

Western Savages and UWO Party Life are equal parts rowdy and problematic.
Diyana Noory

Turns Out Millennials Won’t Kill the Car

Expert says young Canadians aren’t as ‘car crazy’ as previous generations, but they still drive as much.
Anne Gaviola
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Toronto Millennials Are Sharing Venues For Inexpensive Instagram-Ready Weddings

Airbnb, but for weddings, is now a thing.
Anne Gaviola

Election Promises Won't Fix the Hot Mess That Is Toronto's Housing Market

Housing advocate says this city is so expensive that even the middle-class need help to get by.
Anne Gaviola

Toronto Is Rapidly Losing Its Most Affordable Housing

Up to a third of Parkdale’s rooming houses are at “imminent risk” of being closed, a recent report shows.
Lindsey Vodarek
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What a $500K House Looks Like Across Canada

VICE FREE's Anne Gaviola looked at what a millennial couple with a $500K budget can buy in housing markets across the country.

Cleanup of Alberta’s Abandoned Oil Wells Could Cost $70 Billion

If companies can’t pay, taxpayers could be on the hook.
Hilary Beaumont
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Career Advice from Breakout Actor Mamoudou Athie

Mamoudou Athie is an actor on the rise. His latest role is in Brie Larson's directorial debut 'Unicorn Store', now on Netflix. Amil Niazi talked to him about working with Samuel L. Jackson and the pressures of being a breakout star.
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We Spoke to the Legends Who Took Their Landlord to Court and Won

Ben Leonard, who recently won a court case against his landlord, told us how he and his housemates fought the system.
Lauren O'Neill

What We Learned at the Opening of Toronto’s First Legal Weed Store

There was a Christian protester, a poorly thought out shirt slogan, and the owner doesn't smoke weed.
Manisha Krishnan