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How to Get a Job at Amazon’s HQ2 if You Really Want It

Amazon is invading Queens, New York and Arlington, Virginia with thousands of jobs and societal disruption. Here’s what you need to know before you join the Jeff Bezos empire.
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Invisible Jobs

A Day in the Life of a Home Health Aide Earning $13 an Hour

Home care workers take care of our most vulnerable populations for rock-bottom pay in a high-turnover job that is both tough and rewarding.
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VICE Guide to Life

How Not to Get Fired

Now that you got the job, it’s time to keep it.
Rick Paulas

This Is What Happens When You Lie on Your Resume

Some fibs will get you fired, others will get you hired. Here’s how to navigate the line between artful exaggeration and a flat out lie.
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tenant rights

Do Rent Strikes Actually Work?

More tenants in big cities are joining together to withhold rent from bad landlords. But staging a rent strike is tough—and winning is even harder.
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Future of Money

What Gambling Will Look Like Now That Sports Betting Is No Longer Banned

A new Supreme Court decision will make betting on pro sports teams and athletes as easy as tapping on your cell phone during the game.
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money brain

Obsessing Over Player Salaries Is Ruining Baseball

'Moneyball' taught fans to root like a boss instead of basking in the thrill of the game. On the 15th anniversary of Michael Lewis' book on the first team to master winning on a tight budget, here's a look at how it changed sports culture for the worse.
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Five Things to Do Immediately After Moving into an Apartment

Tips on everything from getting the landlord to fix your leaky faucet to making your neighbors your allies.
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Invisible Jobs

What It’s Actually Like to Work as a Garbage Man

Trash collectors have the fifth most dangerous job in America—but they also enjoy some surprising perks.
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Money Goals

Never Sign an Apartment Lease Without Doing These Things First

Everything you need to know about renting your first apartment.
Rick Paulas

Your Boss Should Pay You to Have More Fun at Work

Letting your mind roam, even during work hours, can lead to more creative ideas. A pay bump does the trick too.
Rick Paulas

What to Do Right Away After Inheriting Money

The first thing to do is absolutely nothing.
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