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The Gig Economy Blurs the Line Between Work and Fun for Freelancers

When coworking spaces offer night-time social events and other freelancers invite you to “laptop pedicures,” it’s hard to know where the work ends and the socializing begins.
Melissa Kravitz

How to Not Be Replaced by a Robot at Work

What the future of work looks like and how you can protect your career.
Anne Gaviola

I Doubled My Public School Teacher’s Salary in 10 Years

To finally be compensated not just in warm fuzzies but in an actual denomination that pays the bills is incredible.
She Picks Up Pennies

Meet the People Making Real Money Selling Clothes on Poshmark

For some it’s a lucrative side gig, but serious Poshers can make up to $1,000 a week on the popular used clothing app that's all about community.
Melissa Kravitz

Being a Freelancer Can Really Suck

No boss, no problem? Not so fast. The gig economy has all kinds of pitfalls for workers and sometimes even their neighbors.
Melissa Kravitz
gig economy

How to Make Money on Instagram Even if You Don't Have Millions of Followers

Micro influencers with as little as a few thousand fans are in popular demand by sponsors. Here's why and how to profit from this lucrative side hustle.
Nadja Sayej
Money Goals

How I Saved $25,000 in Three Years to Buy My First House

Radical frugality didn't work, but focusing on my dream of home ownership and finding creative ways to increase my savings made all the difference.
Desirae Odjick
gig economy

Airbnb 'Superhosts' Spill Their Money Making Secrets

Most hosts earn less than $500 a month—but learn the tricks of the trade and you can bring in much, much more.
Nadja Sayej

The Freelancer's Guide to Never Paying Rent Again

Better known as freebasing, life on the road has its pleasures—and its price.
Denver Nicks

How to Win at the Gig Economy

Setting your own hours sounds great, but you need to be smart about managing your money—and your time—to be successful.
Michelle Jackson
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How to File Your Taxes When You Have a Side Hustle

If you've been crafty enough to turn your fav hobby into a little extra cash, you may be able to deduct some of your basic expenses—you may also have to pay additional taxes.
FREE Staff